Your White Interior Design Guide: 4 White Furniture Tips

Posted by Zin Home on 13th Aug 2019

Your White Interior Design Guide: 4 White Furniture Tips

Your White Interior Design Guide: 4 Tips When Decorating With White Furniture

The color white has a positive connotation. It represents purity, light, and goodness. But, with so many different shades to choose from, white paint can make or break a room. Many homeowners are afraid of going for an all-white decor. This is because they find it hard to make it welcoming and comfortable.

The key to a white room is to choose the right decor and furniture. Here are 4 white interior design tips you should follow to create your perfect space.

1. White Interior Design Doesn't Mean You Have to Give Up All Color

Most homeowners who go for a white decor want to keep things simple and clean. But, if you have a white room in your home, it doesn't mean you have to give up all color. Adding pops of color could add the wow factor to your space. Small bright accents can make a room feel more welcoming. Also, these splashes of color will add personality to your home.

2. Go for Romantic Lighting

The right lighting can make an all-white room feel warm and cozy. This is especially true if you couple the lighting with wood accents. Also, make sure to scatter different types of lighting in your home. By doing so, you can highlight different areas within one room. For example, you can choose from:

  • Table lamps
  • Hanging lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Permanent light fixtures

When choosing the lighting for your home, avoid white light. Instead, go for gold and warm undertones. These will add a feeling of comfort to your rooms, especially in the evenings once it is dark outside.

3. Decorate the Room With Plants

The easiest way to add pops of color to a white space is with indoor plants. You could go for the tamed jungle look with lots of greenery. You could also use colorful plants to make the room more playful. Adding plants to your rooms allows you to incorporate the wood element of feng shui into your home. Before choosing your plants, make sure to define your energy map. This will let you know which plants to go for and where you should place them in your home.

4. Add Texture to Your Room

Monochromatic rooms can feel boring and lifeless if not decorated the right way. Adding texture to a white room can break it up making it feel lived in and homely. 

To add texture to the room, consider the following decorative items:

These eye-catching elements will give your rooms personality.

Put It All Together With the Right Accent Furniture

The above tips will help you make a neutral living space come alive. That said, the first step to white interior design is to choose the right furnishings. To maintain a clean and serene look, go for off-white fabrics and sprinkle in warm rustic woods. For a bolder, more modern look, go for accent furniture to contrast the white. If you're looking for the perfect furniture for your home, visit our online store today. We have a selection of new furnishings that are sure to meet your needs.