Beautiful Dreamer Silver Artwork by Jackie Von Tobel

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Beautiful Dreamer Silver is a painting by Jackie von Tobel, reproduced as a Fine Art Giclee Print, in her Altered Portraits Collection of wall art.

Each composition was inspired by the hard-won artisanship of the old masters, though Jackie brings an avant-garde freshness to these pieces of contemporary art using modern design elements. In poses that emulate the courtiers and landed gentry of a by-gone era, these contemporary conceptualizations of historical portraits will bring a sophisticated grandeur and lush pops of color to a room.

Blinded by an explosion of flowers shaped like a headdress, Beautiful Dreamer Silver contemplates a delicate white butterfly on her raised arm and holds a single rose à la Marie Antoinette in her other hand. The luminous ivory gown she is wearing is reminiscent of the wealth of the ancien regime in France and royalty in Great Britain. We also offer the Beautiful Dreamer with a navy-blue background.

  • Dimensions: 30" x 40"
  • Product Type: Canvas
  • Finish Option:image Brush Gel

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