Design Trend Alert: Upholstered Extended Headboards

Posted by Zin Home on 21st Jul 2017

Design Trend Alert: Upholstered Extended Headboards

Extended Headboard Fabric Platform Bed

Upholstered headboards are a hot trend in the design world right now. They can add texture, color, and charm to a bedroom while acting as a beautiful and interesting focal point. You can be bold and go with a busy, lively pattern, or keep things simple with a nice neutral.

One trend that designers love is the use of the extended headboards to add a bit of drama to a bedroom. Extended headboards are sophisticated, and they create high impact as long as you have a lot of space. These string headboards are ones that are constructed horizontally, stretching well beyond the width of the bed. By using a bed with this type of headboard, you are creating a focal wall with texture, color, and ultimately, you are creating a room that is striking visually.

Modern Connery Bed with Wings

Once you’ve made the decision on getting an extended headboard, it’s important to pick the right pieces to complement it. Whether it’s a dresser, a night stand, or even a mirror, you have ample choices to fit the room. If you’re looking for a room that has a classic, modern appeal, you can pick pieces with clean lines, and simple details. Although the extended headboard works well with a modern design, you can also add pieces that are more classic in style, thereby creating a room with timeless appeal.