Storage + Style: 3 Tips for Organized Home Office Storage

A clean, organized and stylish home office can help you get the work done. If your home office needs to be revamped this year, we're here to help. Make sure your office space is a place that allows productivity and creativity with these great office organization ideas.

1. Make the Most out of Your Home Office

When making a home office, you'll want to make sure you have adequate space that is free of clutter. Having a nice open room with adequate furniture will help you stay productive, unlike a cluttered or cramped one. While you don't want to overfill the room with furniture, it is a good idea to get enough furniture to store and house your supplies in an organized fashion. Getting furniture that allows for ample space and storage is a must.

When choosing a desk, make sure it fits well in your room and also offers enough space for your desktop and other supplies. A large desk with a lot of surface area is helpful when brainstorming, as you can layout papers, ideas, and supplies to help you create.

2. Get Organized by Creating Activity Centers

Organizing your office into centers, or specific areas of use can help make sure there is a place for everything. This can be a great way to break up your space and make the most of it. It can also help with your efficiency throughout the workday.

Try separating your space into at least three different activity centers. For example, your work area will be where you get the biggest bulk of your work done. This will be where your desk is, with your computer on top, and any of the supplies you use often organized in the desk drawers. Consider making a supply area, out of cubbies or cabinets. This will be where you keep all of your extra supplies or things you don't use quite as often. A reference center could also be a helpful idea for your home office. This could be where you keep manuals, binders, or books that can help you when you're in need of reference materials.

3. Make Your Set-Up Work for You

When organizing your office space, you'll want to make sure you place things in areas that make sense based on your typical workday. A good way to determine this is to consider the things you use often and to position them in a way that allows for easy access during the busy workday.

For example, if you use your printer often, put it behind your desk. If you hardly ever need to use your scanner, place it outside your work area to free up some space. Make sure the space under your desk isn't overly crowded so you can move around easily.

Office Organization Ideas You Can Try Today

Whether your remodeling your current home office, or are setting one up from scratch, these office organization ideas can help you make a space where you can be productive and comfortable. For home office style inspiration, and to purchase some of our high-quality furniture, head to the "Room Ideas" section of our site.