How to Combine Furniture Styles: Modern + Traditional

Posted by Zin Home on 31st May 2018

How to Combine Furniture Styles: Modern + Traditional

Combining Furniture Styles: How to Mix Modern & Traditional Furniture

How do the pros mix modern & traditional furniture? Find out how pros combine furniture styles to make living room look more beautiful and interesting.

There's a lot to love about the old-fashioned, one-of-a-kind furniture styles that are so popular among the crowd of Pinterest fans today. But, the splashy, modern interior designs bring another dimension to home decorating that we adore just as well. If you are like us, streamlining your home's decor to match one unified time period seems near impossible. We can't bear the thought of throwing out our beloved, unique, vintage flea market finds. And, we don't want to live without the clean lines and sleek function of today's current trends.

So, what do you do with furniture styles that don't fall under a single decade? Never fear. You don't have to do away with your most-loved mix-matched pieces to create a stylish home decorating style. Read on to find out how to mix traditional and contemporary interior designs to create looks you're sure to love!

Present-Day Style Reigns With Simple Affordability, Sleek Lines, and Bold Colors

Modern-day home decorators are familiar with the effortless simplicity modeled by big-name furniture brands on the market. The popular design trends have managed to win the hearts of both everyday housewives and world-renowned interior decorators.Although today's contemporary designs have made it cool to pare down, they don't skimp on style. Every season holds bold color hues and newly released quality collections that are as functional as they are fashionable.

Eco-friendly materials and luxurious brass top modern-day most-wanted lists. The proud display of creativity by today's trending furniture styles make it easy to add to your home's personalized look.

Beloved antiques and scattered flea-market favorites mesh easily with their wise but fearless furniture.

Vintage-Chic Styles are an Invitation to Enjoy Being at Home

Modern, simple pieces that are as functional as they are svelte give your home a punch of confidence. But, without throwing in a few of yesteryear's favorites, your castle is a lot less inviting. Whether it's your old iron front porch glider, the secondhand secretary, or your grandfather's rocking chair, there are some furniture pieces that just seem to welcome you home after a long day. Old bones make good places to land for a glass of iced tea or a few chapters out of your favorite book. And, the timeless beauty and classic design of well-made furniture only get better with age.

No need to force yourself to part with your old favorites. If you incorporate strategies that bring out your furniture's common features, the mix of old and new make a great team.

Try pairing pieces of similar color schemes to produce just the right amount of "go-together". But, don't be afraid to use contrasting patterns and fabric textures when designing a room's layout. These unique qualities can make a room more interesting and break up the monotony.

How to Add Flavor and Bring Designs Together

When you use two or more contrasting furniture styles, you may need something to tie the room together.

A patterned rug, funky wall-hangings, or color-splashed pillows can often do the trick without taking away from the pieces that you have. Unique home furnishings can often be found at local boutiques, or even your neighborhood thrift store. You don't have to spend a fortune to make your home look and feel rich. The right shades of wood, artistic touches, and personal touches can create the perfect combination in every room of the house. If you have a favorite funky accent you want to add, don't be shy. Adding flair can be a fashionable way to personalize your home's style.

Be careful that you don't overload your home with too many busy patterns or colors with stark variations. The way to create a look of unity is to keep an underlying common ground. But, how you do that is up to you.

Mix and Match Furniture Styles Boost the Appeal of Every Room in Your House

If you are concerned that your decorating style lacks fluidity, the mix and match trends favorited by today's hottest interior designers will make you feel at ease. Mixed-up furniture styles come across as perfectly put together when you put smart design strategies to work. What's great about mixing traditional and contemporary furniture designs is that it works for every room in the house.

High functioning modern pieces offset by shabby-chic family staples can make a nursery feel deliciously dainty, yet efficiently mod. A mix-matched den makes a cozy place to entertain friends. While gathering in a dining room outfitted with a combination of furniture styles can make your house feel like home to family and guests.

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