What You Need to Know About Designer Thomas Bina

Posted by Zin Home on 3rd Jul 2018

What You Need to Know About Designer Thomas Bina

Who is Furniture Designer Thomas Bina?

Los Angeles furniture designer Thomas Bina, mixes North American black walnut, Brazilian Peroba Wood, Chilean Guanacaste and white oak with other reclaimed exotic hardwoods. “My passion is sourcing hard-to-find materials,” said Mr. Bina, who traveled to Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay to find woods like louro preto, angelim, jatobá, roxinho, canafistula and imbuia — most of them salvaged from demolished “derelict buildings, old coffee factories and telephone poles.”

"The Material of wood itself gives me an amazing amount of creative ideas. I focus on using reclaimed wood in my designs and the wood I use has the most incredible characters and textures" says Thomas Bina.

Eco-Conscious Furniture Design

You are a responsible homeowner, which means you take the decoration of your interior and exterior seriously. You know that it is important to make a good impression on any visitors to your home. Sometimes, though, it can seem like there is an overwhelming number of design styles and options available to choose from. How do you know what kind of style speaks directly to your personality?

In the modern day, interior design has become a highly popular industry. In fact, the interior design industry generates over $10 billion every year. Clearly, you are not alone in wanting your home to look stylish. Perhaps you have heard of the furniture designer Thomas Bina, but perhaps you have not. Either way, this article will detail everything you need to know about the quality and style of the furniture this popular designer makes.

The Importance of High-Quality Interior Design

Every time someone new enters your home, they will analyze the space whether they realize it or not. The atmosphere of a room can truly affect everyone's social interactions. It's important that you invest in high-quality living spaces to suit the ambiance of your home and family. Designing a room starts with the walls, floor, and ceiling. You need to make sure all of these reflect the true nature of the room style you are going for. Do you want to present a rustic, modern, classic, or even jungle-like feel in your living space?

Knowing what kind of decor speaks to you is a great start for designing the perfect interior. Do plenty of research to make sure you are ready to find the furniture to fill the space properly.

Why the Kind of Furniture You Buy Does Matter

Showing off your eye for design is only one reason to heavily consider what kind of furniture to buy. There are other things you should think about to make a smart purchase with every furniture piece. Have you thought about whether or not the materials of your favorite items of furniture were ethically sourced? In other words, is there a way to make the buying of furniture more sustainable?

Eco-friendly furniture materials are becoming more and more popular in modern times. Fortunately, Thomas Bina focuses on only using materials that are ethical when he designs another piece. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint with his furniture pieces, but this fact also makes a great talking point. When guests to your home question a piece of Thomas Bina's furniture, you are given a chance to spread the eco-friendly intentions that Thomas Bina, and perhaps yourself, truly cherish.

Buying furniture is more than just considering a price tag and a brand name. Make sure you make smart and ethical decisions when designing your living spaces. Sales of furniture within the United States generate more than $111 billion every year. It is obvious that some furniture designers (unlike Thomas Bina) care more about their bottom line than the ethical sourcing of materials.

A Modern Style with a Recycled Twist

You might be wondering what exactly Thomas Bina's furniture pieces look like. The good news is that even if they are made from recycled materials, they are surprisingly sleek and stylish. What does it mean when someone describes a style as "modern"? Well, modern design has proven to be a simplistic style. Modern artists, including furniture designers, focus on lines and utility over fluff and strong impressions.

For example, Thomas Bina's coffee tables are pretty simple in design. For him, there is no need for ornate patterns to carve into a table top. A table is simply a flat service with structural legs to hold it up. Perhaps you appreciate the modern style, but you find it to be somewhat boring on its own. That's okay because you can always combine more than one style for your living spaces. Consider this article that details exactly how you can work toward combing a modern and more traditional aesthetic within your home.

What Makes Thomas Bina Stand Out

Each item of Thomas Bina's furniture collection is unique. You will never have to worry about buying the same piece as your neighbor in that regard. Thomas Bina is an expert at using recycled materials to create bold, elegant pieces. From beds to couches, to tables, to shelves, Thomas Bina has made a name for himself as a guru of combing the modern style with a somewhat old-fashioned material.

You can find Thomas Bina items of furniture all over the Internet because designer brands are really starting to take proper notice of him. He seems to be one of the modern pioneers who is re-shaping the interior design industry. Gone are the days when designers simple source the most expensive materials they can find. Thomas Bina instead prefers to work with materials that would otherwise be thrown out. Clearly, the ethical standards behind his designs have truly made a positive reputation for him as a furniture designer.

By the way, he makes every item of furniture by hand! Clearly, Thomas Bina takes the occupation of creating furniture pieces as an important activity.

Eco-Friendly Materials in the Modern Age

So, where does Thomas Bina source his eco-friendly materials? Well, that depends. For example, Thomas Bina has created some very beautiful tables from flooring that was over a hundred years old. A lot of times, these materials simply get thrown away when owners are hoping to replace them with a new material. Instead of wasting such a valuable commodity, Thomas Bina reclaims these woods and shapes a beautiful new piece. That is how he combines ethically sourced materials with his modern sense of design style. He has no limits to what kind of materials he is willing to refurbish, as long as he is sure that they are durable and elegant.

Design Your Perfect Living Space

You deserve to have the perfect living spaces in your home, so don't be afraid to fully invest in a proper design style. Furniture by Thomas Bina would bring together all kinds of design styles, so do your research to find the best piece of his that stands out to you.

We know how important interior design is to you. We want to help you with your perfect living space, so check out these design and decor ideas today.

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